Amanda Beylkin

Amanda Beyklin - MD, Amanda Beyklin

Hi, I’m Amanda & I’m a marketing mentor, trainer & consultant. I’ve been working in marketing on an international scale since 2005 & now I want to help you get the insight, skills & confidence that you need to grow your business with marketing.

I work with business owners & freelancers. I also provide support, training & mentoring to anyone who’s helping you with your business marketing – from your office manager or personal assistant to an apprentice or junior to mid-level marketer.

For working parents, I offer a baby & child-friendly service, giving you flexible access to the marketing support & guidance that you need with online sessions, ‘time outs’ (so you can, for example, check in on nap time or change a nappy) & last minute, fee free appointment time changes. All sessions are breastfeeding friendly. 

Get the hands-on skills, knowledge & confidence that you need to succeed with marketing – without having to spend a fortune on overpriced & outdated training courses. 

My marketing workshops focus on introductory to intermediate topics that include social media, content marketing, email marketing, thought leadership campaigns, lead generation, marketing strategy & planning. Workshops range from 1.5 hours for deep dives into specific topics (i.e. growing your business with hastags, writing blog posts, creating email workflows that convert, etc.) to 3 hours for general introductory or advanced topics (i.e. Using Twitter for business, getting started with email marketing, Facebook advertising bootcamp, etc.).

Masterclasses (5+ hour workshops) will be launching in 2020.


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