Andrew Barraclough

Andrew Barraclough - Cofounder, SalonFrog Ltd

Chartered Accountant with 20+ years looking after companies big and small.

Although Salonfrog is based in Edinburgh, our Clients are based all over the UK because we use cutting edge apps and software. 

If you are the owner of an independent salon or barbershop | we are your accountant. 

Salonfrog provides a specialist tax and accounting service especially for independent barbershop and salon owners: hair, beauty, barber, nail, or tattoo.  

All our Clients are Salon or Barbershop Owners, so all we think about is this industry! 

Sarah-Jane Edwards, founder of Salonfrog explains why we specialise: “The people who work in the hair and beauty industry are fascinating. It’s an industry where I feel I can make a BIG difference to a Salon Owner’s life with the services we offer.” 

Having said that, our values are traditional, the level of service we offer is really important to us and we like to talk with our clients whenever we can!


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