Antoanella Pernette

Antoanella Pernette - Impression CX Ltd

I do CX – That is my Superpower!

Helping small businesses understand what their clients really want. I help them build tribes of raving fans, fall in love with each other and stay that way, by implementing remarkable Customer Experience (CX).

Taking a stand for the human side in Customer Experience (CX), I believe every business should implement remarkable experience as a core strategy for growth and profitability.

It matters not what you sell, people buy from people! That is true still today, perhaps even more than ever. But without remarkable experience, a business will forever remain in the commodity race. Because any product/service can and will be copied. Any price can be beaten. Only experiences are and forever remain unique.

I believe, in the overcrowded marketplace today, the most important competitive advantage a business could have is remarkable Customer Experience (CX).

And thus, I do CX.

Do you know where your blind spots are?

Where sales, customer retention and profits come, often being stuck in the everyday rut, stops you from seeing the big picture. Understanding what and how your clients really want. Or perhaps where and when they want it.

As a business, what choice do you make every day? Are these strategic and taking your closer to your ultimate intent? Or are these random and thus giving spasmodic results?

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