Ahmed Rehan

Ahmed Rehan - Digital Marketing Adviser, Premier Adverts Marketing

My business predominately works with start-ups and medium sized businesses. Our unique selling point is that we are passionate about getting to know each business deeply to assess how we can help them. Our aim is to nurture local businesses by educating owners on how to structure, price and realise their own Unique Selling Points and features. Without taking a step back from their business a lot of business owners have their head stuck in the cogs of their business not seeing the bigger picture. This is where we help.  We aren’t just a marketing company, we are their close advisors with their long term interests at heart. We’re not interested in a quick business fling. Like any business owner, we’re in it for a long-term relationship.

I started my first business managing and organising 5 a side football leagues in Edinburgh. A decade on we are now the largest organiser of student and corporate football in east Scotland with exclusive contracts at football complexes to do so. (www.premierfives.com). We advertise local businesses on our football t-shirts of the players that take part in our weekly games. Through this business I discovered that a lot of local business owners did not understand how to advertise their services effectively. I discovered my passion for business and advertising and started an advertisement agency.

How to calculate your Lifetime Customer Value (LCV) and designing a value ladder for your business.

Do you know your business lifetime customer value? Do you have a value ladder created in your business? Without a well thought out and calculated strategy of advertisement, how can you expect your business to grow?

In this 30-minute session I will delve deep into the core of your business operation, its structure and help you, as the business owner, to create a growth mind set to establish a more profitable and scalable business model.

What are the steps involved in this meeting?

1. We will have a discussion regarding the current status of your business and where you would like it to be in 90 days times, 120 days etc?

2. We will set the required goals and sets to achieve those goals.

3. From this meeting I will take away the information we spoken about and create an advertisement strategy plan for your business which I will present to you via a video link appointment we arrange a few days later. The ideas and strategies we discuss will be laser focused to your business and are for you to keep and implement. 

If you would like myself and my team to assist with implementation of your strategy we can also discuss this.

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