Bev Hepting

Bev Hepting - Award Winning, International, TedX Public Speaker and Coach

Do you know the voice of your business?Have you started a business, doing what you love and believing that people need what you do?And have you found it REALLY difficult to tell people what you do and why they should work with you?Then you need to discover the voice of your business. Your voice that shouts to potential clients exactly what you do and why.Stop telling people what you think they want to hear, and discover your voice and tell them exactly what you do. This will attract your ideal client and help you grow your business.I specialise in helping you figure out exactly what you do and your unique business message, gaining the confidence to speak in public with confidence and clarity.An outstanding speaker who has won Toastmaster International Competitions up to UK District level. I have spoken at small group events up to International Conferences. I coach women in business to speak with confidence and clarity so that they can grow their business and shout to the world about what they doI run a number of events through the year to give you the chance to discover your voice. From starting up business to writing that first book to just telling us your stories, I give you the stage to speak.

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