Brian Tait

Brian Tait - Founder Aillum

I setup Aillum in 2010, after having worked for 5 years as Digital Marketing Manager of UK PLC, 4 years in a Digital Marketing agency, 2 years freelancing and 1 year as developer in the public sector.During that initial experience I learned a lot about focus and priority of business, where companies struggled online, costs of growth online, lack of knowledge of digital and more. With a digital marketing and development background, I put myself through an MBA at Strathclyde University to help me bridge between the technical element and the customer focused / business element, and in 2010 I setup Aillum to try and tackle those challenges. Specifically the focus of the company was to change the mindset of businesses, to base their online decisions on data, to move towards a data driven step change improvement, and away from an often 2 yearly high spend website rebuild.While it’s a more technical, and often more complicated, approach to digital marketing, it works. Over the years we’ve helped many companies drive more leads online and / or reduce costs associated with driving leads.It’s all about accountability. Promoting a business online is not a hobby. It needs to deliver.In a combined 20yrs or so experience in the industry, I’ve had the pleasure of working with some amazing companies, big and small. From global drinks brands and large public sector organisations, to local hotels, small craft companies and other service providers, one thing they’ve all had in common is a need to fully understand how digital contributes to their business.

We offer a short and free Digital Effectiveness Test on our website. 8 simple statements with ratings answers. The outcome will be a score to give you an idea of how well your setup to understand the real impact of your digital marketing.

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