Clare Beaumont-Adam

Clare Beaumont-Adam, Founder Panda Bear Baby Company

Clare is also the founder of the J&B Hive, an Accelerator & Co-working space in Johannesburg, South Africa supporting creative entrepreneurs though free access to skills training, infrastructure, tools, mentoring and equity free investment.

10 year career in brand marketing & strategy.

Panda Bear Baby Company is the UK’s first online store curating luxury monochrome toys and accessories designed to stimulate a newborn baby’s senses and prompt brain growth.

Why black & white? Research since the 1940’s has demonstrated that the best thing to stimulate little eyes in the first few months are high contrast black & white shapes & patterns, engaging nerve cells that have a direct pathway to a baby’s brain.

All our products are from UK & European family run and independent brands, many of whom were also inspired to set up their own business while on maternity leave.

Each of our curated ranges are hand-picked and include Sleep & Snuggle, Store in Style, Chew & Chomp, Sense & Play and Dreamy Decor.

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