Christabel Cooper

Christabel Cooper - Founder, Sensible Analytics Ltd

I am a Cambridge graduate with 15 years experience of working as a commercial analyst for some of the best known retailers and FMCG firms in the UK, including 13 years working for Marks & Spencer. 

I want to help businesses make better, evidence-based decisions using data.I founded Sensible Analytics because I really believe that data analytics can benefit all businesses, whatever their size.

I have used Excel for most of my working life, and am very comfortable with using it at an advanced level. I also have extensive experience with SQL (Structured Query Language) which can be used to extract and manipulate datasets with billions of rows.

Tableau allows data presentation to be taken to the next level, and can create stunning visualisations and I have years of experience using it to create dashboards in a commercial environment. 

Tell me what business objectives you would like to achieve through data, together with details of what data your business has access to, and I will create a report showing how the data your company holds will help you achieve your business objectives completely free of charge.

Some examples of objectives that data analytics can help you achieve:

  • acquiring new customers with the minimum amount of cost
  • creating a profitable pricing strategy
  • analysing new product sales
  • finding out which customers leave your business and why

Once you have receieved the report, you are completely free to decide whether you would like to go ahead with the proposals. No matter how large or small your requirements are, Sensible Analytics can help!

For more information about the kind of analytics and insight I can provide to your business, please contact me.

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