Colm Ginty

Colm Ginty - LaserFocus Ltd

We are a collection of data professionals, with extensive experience at leading companies like Google and Microsoft. We know that human decision-making is fallible. For this reason we love data, especially for how it reduces the influence of intuition and gut feeling in the decision-making process. While intuition and gut feeling have their place, they are simply less important than the data. Data cuts through hot air and nonsense, and leads to better decisions, made more quickly.

Data driven organisations outperform their competition and peers. This has been comprehensively demonstrated by research at the Economist, Harvard Business Review, and others. By using analytic techniques on properly curated data they have higher revenues, lower costs, and make better decisions when compared to their competitors. Our mission is to help others join the ranks of these forward-thinking, successful organisations by harnessing the power and clarity inherent in their organisational data.

We do almost all of the work for you. Please contact us using the ‘Contact’ button below, and let’s have a chat about data.

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