Cara Holland

Cara Holland - Founder / Head Visualiser, Graphic Change

Founder, trainer and author of best selling book Draw a Better Business – the essential visual thinking toolkit to help your small business work better, Cara has been working visually with companies as varied as Google and the NHS since 2006 when she founded Graphic Change.

She also co-founded the Graphic Change Academy which has trained people in 70+ countries, and brings the benefits of working visually to people whatever their job or artistic skill.

“My ambition is to get as many individuals and organisations as possible to become visual champions.

I want everyone to experience the benefits of working visually, making communication more accessible and collaborative”

Cara’s passion for effective, creative and visual communication was honed in the workplace, where for many years she managed diverse teams, set up projects and delivered results by working visually. So she knows the tangible benefits this way of working brings, even in challenging environments.

Cara works alongside co director Natasha Holland (who has a background in change management and project delivery). Natasha is responsible for the bundle of tech that makes up the shiny new Graphic Change® Academy.

They both work along with a small team of brilliant associates who all share their passion for working visually.

Graphic Change is a small visual thinking studio working with some of the biggest brands. We help individuals and organisations get the benefits of thinking and working more visually by:

Producing engaging visuals:

  • Graphic recording
  • Live scribing
  • Business illustration
  • Whiteboard animation

Providing skills training:

  • Free online Draw More Boot Camp
  • Be a Graphic Recorder and Be a Graphic Facilitator supported 12 week courses
  • Graphic Change Academy licensed training modules for teams and organisations. Modules include Visual StoryTelling, Visual Planning, Running Visual Meetings etc.
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