Charlotte Laing

Charlotte Laing - Founder and Editorial Director, The Content Emporium

Charlotte Laing is the founder and Editorial Director of The Content Emporium, a Bristol-based branded content agency specialising in creating attractive, engaging content for digital and print communications. The agency works with some very large clients on branded magazines, web content, e-newsletters, social media and more.

The Content Emporium is a branded content agency specialising in creating attractive, engaging and generally wonderful content for your business. We’ve worked with both very large and very small companies, helping them to get their marketing messages to their customers through branded magazines, web content, e-newsletters and social media. Our clients seem to be pretty pleased with the results, too – we give their brands a trusted editorial voice that helps drive business.

We decided to call ourselves The Content Emporium because, like a traditional emporium, we’re a relatively small business and you get a bespoke service from us. We’ll work closely with you to achieve your marketing goals, whether you want more customers, need to reinvent your brand or simply don’t have enough time to communicate your messages in the way you’d like.

The agency is led by Charlotte Laing, a former magazine editor who began taking on freelance clients in 2009. Since then the client list has snowballed and the offices have got bigger but the ethos remains the same as it was at the beginning – a personal, friendly yet professional approach to customer publishing and digital content creation, with creativity at the heart of everything produced.

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