Chris MacNeil

Chris MacNeil - Managing Director, Ebooster Ltd

I founded my first Dot Com in Ottawa, Canada (aka Silicon Valley North) in 1994. My online experience includes social media and e-commerce which I started practicing prior to when the terms came into vogue! Over the last 25 years, I have advised businesses, government agencies and 3rd sector organisations on their online presence, and particularly on using transformative technologies to gain efficiencies and competitive advantage. Living in London for nearly 2 decades, I have developed a rich appreciation for the UK and British business ingenuity. From getting helping bootstrap home based businesses launch on Amazon, to identifying £60 million in savings for the NHS, I welcome new challenges and helping visionaries achieve their goals. One major new challenge, not only to my business but for so many other SMEs is Brexit. To this end, my company is Delivery Partner for the London Growth Hub’s Navigating Brexit for SMEs programme of free Brexit workshops for London based small and medium sized businesses. My academic background is in history – and as such I love giving and joining London walking tours. 

Our first foray into e-commerce was in 1994, having built and operated a highly successful online exam certification test preparation tool used by over 5,000 students of IT services across North America.  Over 20 years we have pioneered principles in Dot Com, e-commerce, e-learning and more for the Canadian public sector, US corporate education, large enterprise (Cisco, IBM, EDS), the National Health Service (NHS), and more.

Since 2013 we have been actively selling on Amazon across the world and ship over 100,000 orders a year, across hundreds of SKUs. We participate in FBA, PAN EU FBA, Small and Light, Subscribe and Save and many other programmes. We enjoy a solid 5-star seller rating in all 10 marketplaces where we sell. We know how to automate operations, and dive deep into SKU-by-SKU P&L analysis.

We won’t promise you the earth, but we will promise that your Amazon account will be in safe hands with us. 

We would love to share this knowledge with you either through our training programme, discovery sessions (is selling on Amazon right for you?) or indeed day to day management of your Amazon business.

Oh – and we also specialise in Brexit, as the Delivery Partner for the London Growth Hub’s Navigating Brexit for SMEs.  Our knowledge and your business.  A match made in Heaven.

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