Sally Oddy

Sally Oddy, Clarity Coach, Sally Oddy Ltd

Inspiring and motivating has always been my passion, and I draw on my 20+ years’ commercial marketing experience and my own ongoing devotion to personal and professional development to coach and mentor business owners to build businesses doing work they can be proud of, with people they like, that gives them the freedom they crave.

I specialise in identifying & plugging strategic gaps in your business and marketing plans, and infusing you with the clarity, skills & confidence to take focussed strategic action. Through a bespoke combination of coaching, mentoring, and consulting, we’ll put a plan in place to help you increase your authority, develop a loyal client base, win more work and have more freedom.


If you’ve been going round in circles, feeling overwhelmed and confused, there’s a very real chance that, somewhere along the line, you’ve lost your clarity.

Clarity gives our lives focus and meaning, and without it, it can be difficult to know where we’re going or how to get there. 

Clarity is your internal compass, it aligns your thoughts, values and actions, and gives you complete faith in your focus and direction.

What to Expect

This is how it feels to have a Clarity Session with me:

Crystal clear and completely motivated
Excited to take focused action
Clear about my direction
Inspired, focused and energised
Encouraged, enthusiastic and motivated
Got the perspective I needed to find my sparkle!

Your Clarity Power Hour zoom video session is recorded so you can watch back with wonder and awe at the incredible shifts you were able to make!

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