Caroline Sumners

Caroline Sumners - Business Advisor

I help small and medium-sized business grow using targeted, effective marketing strategies. I simplify your marketing strategy, social media strategy & management and marketing automation needs.


Are you stuck?  Is fear of failure, doing the wrong thing or wasting timing and money, stopping you from marketing your business and moving forward the way know it can? You started your business because you have great talent,  a passion for something or you have developed a skill that people are prepared to pay you money for. 

You probably didn’t start your business to be great at digital marketing….. but the reality is, you know you need it!

But you find yourself overwhelmed by how fast marketing is changing and wondering how to do your digital marketing when you’re already busy working on and in your business, .

Sound familiar?

Yes? Then The League is for you, In The League, you work at your own pace, but you will find yourself surrounded by other business owners just like you. And I help you implement the right marketing for your business while finding smarter ways to get more done.

  • The league is where you learn and execute.
  • The league is where you plan and grow your business and,
  • The league is where you WILL be held accountable to implement month on month. 

I help Small And Medium Sized Businesses Grow by applying consistent and well thought through marketing campaigns.

I am also an Enterprise Nation #shemeansbusiness accredited trainer.

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