Darryl Bannon

Darryl Bannon - Director, Darryl Bannon Consulting

I am a business consultant covering Finance, Strategy, IT, Marketing and Operations. Call it a 360 business consultancy giving you, the client, an objective and structured approach to scale and maximise profitability. I am very proactive and bring a lot of energy to any project. 

I am a Startup Loans Mentor so I know the struggles small businesses have. I have worked with a number of clients to get them investor ready and improve their operational effectiveness. I also work on large scale IT implementations so I have invaluable experience in scaling back offices. I have over 20 years experience and I hope to encourage and support the business to grow.  

When you need a jargon free, friendly and informative FD.

You don’t need someone full time, perhaps once a month or once a quarter to review the business and take a 360 approach.

Finance is the backbone of any business. You can make a tonne of sales but if you are not getting paid on time, you are strugglng with processes to met targets etc that is where a FD comes in.

I use Xero, Quickbooks, Sage etc. If you are finding you are struggling with your existing IT system I can also cover your next steps to grow your finance function. 

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