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Most definetely not the usual Bio!

It’s hard to ask for help, as a matter of fact, it’s very hard..pat yourself on the back as this is the first step. I have been there, I have woken up in the middle of the night, usually around 2-3 am, worrying about money, clients, staff, name it, I have worried about it.

Have a look at these, if you recognise them from the middle of the night, you are on the right track! (Don’t be put off by the year end review in the title, it’s for SEO purposes!!)  Go on, have a peep!

If Linkedin bores you, here is a short casual video made by yours truly about why I set up The One Hour Business Fixer:

A short casual video about why I set up The One HourBusinessFixer:

It didn’t matter if I was a director in a corporate business or owning my own business. I always felt alone as I was the boss and I had no one to share my problems with.

I can’t guarantee you success but I can guarantee that I won’t judge you. Remember, I have been where you are now, many times.

Can I help, definitely.

Don’t worry about what industry you are in, my experience spans all business arenas. (Boris, don’t call me, I would need more than an hour!)

I’m an experienced business operator with a career and business history which began in retail and led to the mobile app space. There is tons of other stuff in the middle, see the linkedin profile above.

Finally, as a man,when I stand there in my jeans and shirt/jacket and call myself a feminist, I usually attract a raised eyebrow or two. Quite right too as the term feminist is over used, misunderstood and has attracted all sorts of connotations over the years.

For me it means that women are equal to me in every field of my life, whether its business, sport, socialising etc. It’s why I set up another business with Melanie, my business partner, to tackle sexual harassment and eliminate it using technology.

Really finally, I am married, we have two boys who are both accomplished rugby players, I have made money and lost everything, I meditate every day, go to the gym and I live by the following. “Everything will be all right in the end, If it’s not all right, It’s not the end”

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