Ellen Carroll

Ellen Carroll - PR Champion & Founder Nellie PR

Hi, I’m Ellen Carroll and I’ve been at the PR coalface for more than 22 years.

I’m no journalist, PR trainer or big agency head far removed from day-to-day PR reality – I’m a PR champion through and through who is both strategic and a doer.

I set up Nellie PR in 2007 (named after Nellie, my mum) and secured my employer, Experian, as my first ever client. I help businesses and business people achieve their purpose – whether that be long-term growth, sales, funding, the securing of new markets and customers, or ultimate acquisition of their business. I don’t shy away from complex businesses or challenges but stay focused on PR that Pays.

I also work with PR, comms and marketing professionals to help them achieve PR that Pays for better business.

I’m the person behind the scenes – it is all about the clients, the businesses and people I work with. Of course, my clients are seen EVERYWHERE, that’s a given – BBC Breakfast, BBC Radio 4, Guardian, Huffington Post, The Times, Independent, Observer, Sky news, Channel 4, FT, the list goes on. A trailblazer in SEO PR as one of the first PRs to understand the importance of SEO, I’m a firm believer in integrated PR. PR is all about the relationship rather than the channel, and using the right combination of tools at your disposal, including powerful media and influencer relations.

I’ve worked in PR for more than 22 years, in-house, agency-side, as a freelancer, and owner of my own PR agency. I’ve managed some of the biggest and brightest PR agencies, advised and implemented PR strategies for major global and FTSE 100 players, helped small businesses punch massively above their weight, helped organisations stay relevant and secured individuals as the leading go-to experts in their field. See my client list,

Today, I live by the sea in Devon with my boyfriend and toddler son and have an office on the seafront in Teignmouth from where I provide PR consultancy to only a small number of businesses and business owners.  I dedicate the rest of my time to providing PR coaching and training to PR and comms professionals, business leaders, business owners and thought leaders in the making.

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