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Ian Rotsey - Founder & CEO, Consolido Ltd

Ian is also an Accredited Business Advisor for ibd Business Advice Group, a Council Member of GLG, the worlds leading platform connecting business to insight, a Knowledge Partner with Lynk Global, a worldwide network of experienced executives and advisors, and works with Numitas Limited, provider of part-time CFOs and FDs to SME businesses. He sits as an NED on the Board of Brighter Beauty Group Ltd, a highly-acquisitive holding company seeking to consolidate the hair and beauty industry in the UK where he has full responsibility for all financial matters pertaining to the company itself and its acquisitions.

Ian has experience in company management, accounting and auditing covering a wide range of industries in London and overseas. He is experienced in contract negotiations, M&A activity, B2B and B2C businesses and contracts with national government, raising of financing, strategic and operational management and development of teams.

With experience in both consultancy and in-house roles, across a range of corporate, public sector and not-for-profit organisations, he specialises in providing senior level financial and general business advice to SMEs of all sizes.

In business, and particularly in smaller businesses, change is the new normal.  There is rarely a time when a business is not undergoing some type of significant evolution, and those that do not evolve, generally do not survive!  Managing this evolution can be both stressful and time-consuming for those involved, distracting key staff from the day-to-day of running or managing a business.  At Consolido we can provide experienced consultants to come in and oversee this process, whether that be a restructure of the business or a department, the implementation of a new system or process or simply a reorganisation of teams.  Careful planning and management, sufficient and appropriate communication with all those affected and managing the personal impacts of changes on the people within the business are important factors in ensuring the evolution is a successful one for your company and delivers on the company’s goals.  Let Consolido be your partner in this process.

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