Kathy Ennis

Kathy Ennis - Founder, LittlePiggy

There’s nothing I love more than making a difference to people’s businesses – that and drinking coffee!

With over 20 years of experience you can rest assured that I know how to light your Passion to Profit fire whilst keeping a firm eye on a purposeful plan to get you where you want, and need, to be.

My simple, sensible, achievable methods, are what make me different…  Not only that we’ll have lots of fun too!

I know you are a dynamic, action-taking micro or side hustle business owner, simply unsure about the next step to take and frustrated by your lack of growth or progress.

So, let me unleash your potential and enable you to harness the power of purposeful planning and engagement marketing strategies.

Freedom. Success. Recognition. Relaxation. Security. You can have them all!

You are special and the world needs you to be free from inhibitions and fully confident to stride forward and make YOUR difference! Together we can plan the way.

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