Laura Barrett

Laura Barratt - Director, Research Matters

Research Matters has established itself as a flexible, collaborative and creative research partner, helping clients resolve key questions about what is happening in their market and how they can respond.

Using secondary research and expert interviews to deliver: case studies, sector research and analysis, competitor intelligence, statistics and statistical analysis, financial data and analysis, company data, company profiles, benchmarking, market sizes and market trends, bibliographies, commentary and insight. Covering all industry areas, with expertise in public sector, education, healthcare, government and policy. UK and international focus. 

Our shared background as research analysts and managers with leading strategy consulting firm McKinsey & Co, working with the best resources and the highest expectations, has fostered a skill set and approach that has served us and our clients well. We loved McKinsey, but Research Matters helps us get closer to the real issues clients are facing and have greater impact.

We are a small company, providing a flexible, tailored and personal service to all our clients. Our clients value the ownership we take of our work and our shared commitment to the best results. When we need to, we can draw on a trusted network of freelance researchers and consultant partners to increase capacity or deliver more.

In a nutshell, we  will dive deep into  research that will provide real insight into what is actually happening on the ground in your industry.  

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