Liz Hatch

Liz Hatch - Leadership and Development Coach, The Solutions Coach

I am an accredited coach with the Academy of Executive Coaching (AOEC). I hold a Diploma in Executive Coaching and a Certificate in Systemic Team Coaching both certified by the ICF (International Coaching Federation).  

I have over 20 years corporate experience with over 10 years spent in a high growth global technology company leading and co-ordinating teams across Europe, US and Asia. I have first-hand experience of the challenges employees face through periods of organisational transformation and significant change. I have a good understanding of group dynamics, and have established and developed several high performing teams.

I started my career in Finance as a Chartered Management Accountant and have worked in senior roles in Customer Experience, Program Management and Process Improvement. I understand what it takes to transition through different roles in global organisations to become a successful senior leader. I’ve worked in some extremely difficult but highly rewarding positions, and have learnt how the challenges of working outside your comfort zone can accelerate career development.

Personally, my shift to coaching came after I recognised the need for a drastic change in my life.  I held the position of Senior Director of Global Customer Experience & Process Improvement in a global organisation and was experiencing many barriers to my success.  This made me more determined to succeed, but the stress it induced and travel schedule it dictated drove me to exhaustion.  Despite achieving a significant amount of success, the difficulties I encountered made the role unfulfilling. Enabling positive change to systems, processes and global customer experience is important, but I wanted to make a visible difference to the success of people.  

Having had coaching at various intervals in my career I recognised the positive influence it had in heightening my self-awareness and providing greater clarity on the bigger picture.  It was the skill of one particular coach to ask the right questions, stop me in my tracks and help me find the right answers that proved to me the value of coaching.  Often the important part of coaching is about the question that is asked rather than the answer it provides.  What fascinates me about coaching is the change that can happen through people discovering just how much they can achieve.

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