Laura Robinson

Laura Robinson - Founder, Worditude

I help small business owners write their online content so they can use their website to attract new customers like ants to ice cream.

Ten years ago I was trapped in a grey office, writing internal communications that met strict corporate guidelines (shudder).

I escaped my cubicle, abandoned a steady salary, and leapt off my career ladder, so I could build a business I love, helping other business-builders build their businesses using the magical connection-creating power of words (sorry, I love alliteration and tongue-twisters).


Hey, Laura, why would a copywriter want to teach business owners to write their own online content? Aren’t you doing yourself out of a job?

Excellent question, Imaginary Interviewer! Thanks for asking it.

I love writing. Connecting with my audience is one of the things I enjoy most about running my own business.

But not everyone feels that way. And I found that many of my copywriting clients needed more than just new content – they wanted to know HOW to write their own new content.

They could clearly articulate their message when they were speaking to actual real-life humans. But as soon as they tried to share their ideas in black and white text, all they ended up with was a blank screen and a headache.

Sure, after working with me, they’d have shiny new website content, a clear picture of their target audience, and a strong tone of voice running throughout their copy. But they still struggled to communicate with their audience confidently and clearly. And that left me feeling flatter than a steam-rollered pancake.

I wanted all business owners to enjoy writing content for their people.

So I developed templates and tutorials to help business owners create their own online content while upgrading their copywriting skills.

Who the heck are you to be doing this?

Woah – harsh! Although, in my darkest moments of entrepreneurial wobbles, I do find myself asking the same question.

I’m not a qualified teacher (although I do home-ed my two sons, so I’ve certainly got experience with facilitating learning).

I am a qualified copywriter.

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