Leo Stableford

Leo Stableford - Business Development Manager, Digital Morphosis

Proudly a code-wrangler since 2003, mostly in the Microsoft arena.

Passionate about cloud-tech, JS frameworks, and everything that makes the potential of the web more accessible to smaller businesses.

For over a decade Digital Morphosis has made its mission the seamless integration with its clients, delivering robust, complex solutions that match step with the client’s growth and development.

Core to DM’s philosophy is a communicative approach keeping the client involved at every stage. Platform agnostic, Digital Morphosis developers will find the best solution, not just the one that they’re most used to providing.

The DM team are used to projects that vary in size from small internal applications to constantly moving digital storefronts and management tools supporting the thousands of users at nationwide organisations. Whatever your situation DM will be able to offer a friendly helping hand.

Keen writer, tech-meddler, podcaster, game-runner, and pop culture enthusiast.

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