Mariet Baila

Marieta Baila - Cofounder, Consulthon

Are you sick and tired of having to solve the same problems for your business? Would you like to solve your own specific problems without paying high consultancy fees? What if you could have all of the answers to your problems in one place, would that help? If the answer is yes, then keep reading… Hi, my name’s Marieta and I am the Cofounder at Consulthon

What is Consulthon? 

Well, it’s a Management Consulting Network of experts ready to solve your own specific problems related to your business.  Through our easy to use platform you can raise a Business Challenge you are facing and Consultants/Experts will come back with an answer! Sound good right?

Well it is! And we have helped hundreds of business owners like yourself to get their most troubling questions answered.  Without the big consultancy fees! So don’t wait, don’t delay, get your business problems solved with Consulthon today!

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