Matt Davies

Matt Davies - Brand Strategy Consultant, Matt Davies Consultancy Ltd

Helping leadership teams to thrive with story-based strategic branding. Brand Consultant. Writer. Speaker. Creative. Author of Storyategy. Certified Brand Specialist.

Are you finding it difficult to stand out? Do you feel that sometimes customers just don’t GET you? Like all they do is compare you with competitors on price? That they don’t know what makes you different? What makes you better? What makes you, you? That’s what I do. If you want to stand out from the crowd and get your customers and staff to really, really “get you”, talk to me.

I help leaders get their teams on the same page so that they can understand their brand, communicate better, generate more value, grow and stand out in crowded marketplaces.

“Branding” is the discipline of managing the meaning people attach to your offer. I believe stories are the best way to create meaning. Unlocking your story creates powerful principles of meaning which can be communicated through all you do and make a huge difference to your bottom line.

Work with me to:
• Get a competitive advantage – stand out in your marketplace
• Make more profit – create value above and beyond cost that customers are happy to pay for
• Communicate clearly – position yourself so that customers ‘get’ you
• Unite your team – so everyone is pulling in the same direction
• Discover your authentic story – to build a powerful brand which customers love

Do you want all this? Let’s talk!

I began my career 17 years ago in graphic design but soon moved from execution into strategy and branding. I’ve founded and ran my own creative design business for nearly 9 years. Sold it. Helped to run a digital marketing agency. Led an in-house team for a global corporate. Written a book. Worked with hundreds of clients from startups through to global brands like Boots, Specsavers, Capital One, Nikon, Fred Perry and Experian. Spoken at all sorts of business events. United, excited and delighted my clients to create positive change which affects their bottom lines.

I am a Certified Brand Specialist, having been taught by the world-renowned brand expert Marty Neumeier in 2019.

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