Maeve Ferguson

Maeve Ferguson - Founder and Director of Maeve Ferguson Executive Coaching

Maeve Ferguson is the Founder and Director of Maeve Ferguson Executive Coaching and is an experienced Coach and Motivational Speaker. 
Maeve Ferguson Coaching is dedicated to helping women create their signature online service business, so that they can live life on their own terms.
Maeve supports her clients with her online programme and regular one to one coaching, that allows them to identify what business they would like to create and building and executing a plan to make that happen. 
Maeve supports her clients throughout every step of the process, including tactics on building the business, as well as supporting them with her mindset system that helps her clients push through every obstacle that appears along the way. 
Maeve draws on many years of experience in Client Services, Process Improvement, Change Management and Product Development.  Maeve trained in Big 4 in London prior to setting up her Coaching business.
Maeve has helped women worldwide set up their online service businesses in a variety of industries. 
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