Wizz Selvey

Wizz Selvey, Founder - Selvey Consulting

Wizz is the founder of Selvey Consulting, a luxury brand and retail consultancy born from her passion for sourcing and building innovative brands, combined with that of developing unique consumer experiences.

As Head of Beauty at Selfridges and Director of Cowshed Beauty and Soho Home, fifteen years in the industry have provided experience across brands at all stages of their development. It is the cross-pollination of ideas between startups and large corporates that fuels her knowledge of business growth.

During her time at Selfridges, she doubled the capacity and turnover of the Birmingham beauty hall (Selfridge’s fastest ever return of capital expenditure). From her collaborations with brands such as Facegym and Charlotte Tilbury, through to those with large corporates including Estee Lauder Corporation and L’Oreal, she has created world-class experiences. An example is ‘The Beauty Project’, the largest annual marketing and sales initiative ever executed. It ‘broke the department store mould’ by marrying commerciality with thought leadership to deliver a unique campaign.

At Soho House, Wizz developed the distribution strategy for the new ‘Soho Home’ range which launched with Mr Porter, Liberty, John Lewis and Anthropologie. In Beauty, she developed Cowshed in the USA by launching with Ulta. Wizz specialises in identifying growth opportunities via customer engagement and current trends.

Her focus is to increase profitability through all customer touch-points, developing commercial, marketing and distribution strategies.

How do you get retailers engage with your brand?

Once launched with retailers how do you maximise the business opportunity?

We provide distribution and marketing strategy reviews for brands at all stages in their development and identify commercial opportunities.  We focus on both pillars: short and long-term commercial opportunities to scale your business alongside a customer engagement strategy to ensure you stand out from the crowd and increase profitability. We help you develop the most commercial opportunities and ensure you have the focus and actions to implement them.

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