What do you get as a Member?

Members can get to know other members, forge business relationships, and get ideas and tips by connecting with other members. Also look out for when the  members’ forum in the Business Lounge Area will be launched. This will be a very useful area as most questions can receive very valid and useful responses through the forum, from people who have either been there, done that or know of people who have been through similar experiences. So watch this space!

In the meantime, if you need a question answered, get in touch.

Timeline Business Solutions provides up to date and useful resources on the many aspects involved in setting up and running a business. It is therefore a very good place to start when thinking about either setting up a business or any aspect you might be unclear about. The information can be found in our resource hub  most of which can be accessed by all.

There are taster talks, workshops, seminars, webinars and mini courses / tutorials as well as full-blown courses; to ensure our members get firsthand information in the areas they need that in-depth knowledge. Some will be free while others will be at a reduced rate for our members.

Again, in order to reduce costs for our members, they mostly take place online through podcasts or the Timeline Business Solutions Virtual learning portal. There will be some physical venues as well, which is also a great opportunity for members to get out and meet others .

You would need to sign up before access can be gained. Members can also sign up, to receive our newsletter, alerts on new courses or special offers.

Timeline Business Solutions is aimed at providing business opportunities for the keen investor, who is interested in exploring new investment opportunities within and outside the UK. We carefully and diligently source and vet these fantastic opportunities, as well as provide adequate background information to enable the investor confidently make an informed decision.

Timeline Business Solutions also offer our entrepreneurs / investors the opportunity to:

  • Do joint ventures with other members
  • Invest in other members
  • Access funding sources for their projects. Click here to find out more

Timeline Business Ventures will also act as the administrator for all investments sourced by us, as this will enable us monitor and ensure the transparency of each investment deal from  start to completion, or to an agreed  stage where the investor feels confident to continue the arrangement on their own. There will be a fee for this service as a result. Members will be notified of the latest investment opportunities. Please contact us to register your interest.

Connect with any of the accomplished mentors or coaches on our platform today and begin to take advantage of the invaluable wealth of advice and experience they have to offer. Let them help guide you and nurture you. They can be that sounding board, voice of wisdom or taskmaster – whatever works best for you!

Depending on your membership level, you’d be able to take advantage of a number of other benefits on our platform.

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