As a visitor, you can join our FREE Membership Service and get the support and resources you need. As a small or aspiring business owner, you may not have a large enough budget to engage the more bespoke services out there, but that doesn’t have to mean that we can’t help you, as we understand that it can be quite challenging to juggle the day to day side of your business and still keep on top (and in the know) of all the other aspects of your business.

Our FREE Membership Service will give you access to the wealth of resources you need to learn not just more about your business, but about other ventures you might be considering. You will also be part of a community that has something in common with you – running a business.

This way, you will have the opportunity to interact with other members and possibly pick a few helpful tips and tricks along the way!

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£0 Forever
  • Browse Around
  • Helpful Resources
  • Discounted courses
  • Advice / Support
  • Further Skills Enhancement
  • First hand info on events etc


£50 / 6 mths
  • All of the Basic Package
  • Simple Business Profile
  • Connect with other Members
  • Host & attend weekly online classes / presentations
  • Spot in monthly magazine
  • Promote your events to other members
  • Network with other members


£100 /6 mths
  • All of the Standard Package
  • Featured Profile
  • Larger slot in monthly Magazine
  • Upload your podcast shows
  • Add items in Resource Centre

Pro Extra

£40 / mth
  • Business Consultant
  • *Business Spotlight in Mthly Mag

*Spotlight on your Business in our Monthly Magazine, will be seen by all our subscribers and you have have the choice of doing an interview (video / text), a video or images and text profile of your business . You will need to provide the content.

**Upload  your e-books or other resources to our Resources Section for other members to take advantage of. 

***If you have (or are you thinking of) a regular podcast show you’d like to present, as an extension of your service, where better to start from than on a platform that has people ready to listen. Send in your recordings and have them uploaded to our platform. We will then send notifications in our regular updates, to our subscribers whenever a new episode of your show becomes available. The same applies to any video / webinar presentations you might like to host. Please note, we can only post pre-recorded shows / presentations at the moment.

The above are standalone services and can be booked separately or added on to any of the other packages. Please contact us for more info on any of the above

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