About Us

Timeline Business Solutions is your one-stop shop for all of your business needs. We aim to provide the guidance and assistance needed to set up your business from scratch, or help you along your entrepreneurial journey. We cater mainly to the small and medium sized businesses, but you will also find resources that will benefit both small and large scale projects.

Support And Guidance


In addition to the number of services we can offer. We also provide support for those wanting guidance in any area of their business. This is in the way of a Mentoring service which enables you to take the more guided approach to identifying your goals and establishing a better sense of direction, as well as gaining practical advice, encouragement and support. Contact us to see how we can help.


Further Skills

Timeline Business Solutions provides useful resources on the many aspects involved in setting up and running a business. It is therefore a very good place to start when thinking about either setting up a business or any aspect you might be unclear about. The information can be found in our Resource Hub most of which can be accessed for free. Useful articles can also be accessed on our blogspace New material is regularly added, so check in as often as you can.



Timeline Business Solutions encourages members to regularly keep in touch with other members, share ideas and encourage one another. Our Members’ Forum will be starting shortly so watch this space.

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